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Royal Meenakshi Mall – 2 years on

Royal Meenakshi Mall

All in all, the mall is still awesome with its various stores, particularly Hypercity and Croma, its food outlets, both inside and outside the mall, and Cinepolis, of course.

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Planting Trees in Gottigere


Count Quickly! How many jokes have you heard on the infrastructure and the state of Bangalore city? How many of those jokes are about the “Garden City” now being called the “Garbage City” or the “Concrete Jungle”? How many times have you driven down that road where we suddenly notice just air where there once was a lush green tree? We all feel the pain of not finding a tree on the side of the road whose sight and shade we enjoyed for years.

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Royal Meenakshi Mall – Two months later…

Mall Atrium

The turning-point was when Cinepolis and McDonald’s opened up. It was now a crowded place, especially on weekends. Cinepolis did even better than I expected. They struck off the right balance of prices, timing and quality which served them well. According to their Facebook page, they served about 59,000 tickets in their first month.

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A Quick Look at Hypercity

Hypercity Banner

The store itself looks impressive. The top floor is just an average looking supermarket and it works quite well. The groceries section in the basement is nicely laid out. You have a freezer section for fresh meat and chicken. Just outside, you have ice creams and frozen snacks in deep freezers. This area also houses groceries, fruits and vegetables arranged in bazaar style.

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They still have some things to work out and I hope that they work on them soon. Until then, it is still the best place for video/audio quality, theater ambiance and comfort. I can live with these shortcomings for now as long as the quality, comfort and customer service are maintained. It makes for a great movie watching experience near to home and I hope it stays this way.

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Royal Meenakshi Mall – Look 2

Royal Meenakshi Mall

I had a quick look to see what had changed since the last three days. Not a lot of stores are open yet but some have opened up since last Monday.

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Royal Meenakshi Mall – First Look

View of the mall from top

Today, I went to see the newest member of the ever increasing list of malls in the Bangalore city. After months and years of watching the building come up on my way, the mall was finally open to public on April 1st, 2011.

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Healthy (Strong) Eggs

These are the eggs you should have. :)

We see the strangest things on roads. Admittedly, this is not as strange but it is worth considering the risk this guy is taking in seating himself on the pile of eggs; that too on the bumpy ride on Bannerghatta Road.

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New Year Fog


Driving on Bannerghatta Road is difficult in best of times. In fog, however, it takes on a whole new level. Anyway, the fog was cool and even though the chill was spreading through my bones, it was still a nice experience.

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