Royal Meenakshi Mall – Look 2

Royal Meenakshi Mall

I went to the mall today with a friend to check it out. Quite a lot of stores have opened up since the last time I was there. I wanted to see how many have opened up but we suddenly realised that we were late for something else and had to leave.

I had a quick look to see what had changed since the last three days. Not a lot of stores are open yet but some have opened up since last Monday. The mall looked somewhat cleaner and neater than before. I went well into the night this time, so it could have been the effect of the lights.

The lighting of the mall is quite nicely done. You can see the photos in the gallery below. I took these photos from my mobile camera, so they may not be very clear.

The thing that excited me today was that they pulled off the curtains from McDonald’s and I got to see how far the work has progressed inside. I didn’t get a chance to take that photo. I saw the counters were set up and most of the basic interiors was done. The tables, chairs, accessories was still missing, of course. It looked like there might still be quite some interior work before the furniture comes in.

Apart from that, I saw Reliance Trends was close to open. The Body Shop was open today. I didn’t see much else.