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Morning Call – For Beignets

Beignets and Cafe Au Laite at Morning Call

While reading reviews, Morning Call came up several times and I thought I would try if I could. It turned out that this is located in the City Park which I was visiting anyway and although it was a little tricky for me to find it, it was well worth it.

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The 41st Annual Cake Show in Bangalore (2015)

Welcome to Cake Fest 2015

Unlike the previous years, we had much more time to walk through the cakes this time. We reached at a time when there was virtually no one else in the hall (except the people working there). We walked around at leisure taking photos.

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The 40th Annual Cake Show in Bangalore (2014)

The cake show is now a commercial event with cakes only to attract people. You get barely 10 mins to walk through the area where all the cakes are displayed and bouncers would keep hovering around you to shuffle you along.

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Maiya’s Express – Not really express

I climbed up the stairs of Maiya’s Express in JP Nagar and found that there was hardly any place to stand. I went through the door at the side to find their store. The seating area is just through a open doorway.

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The 39th Cake Show in Bangalore

The cakes are mostly only average. I noticed a small improvement in detail over last year’s cakes but still far from it’s original glory. I will let the photos do the talking.

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Fakhri Blood Donation Camp

Importance of blood at a critical time can only be appreciated by someone in that situation. Fortunately, this concept is not lost on most people and even out of their way to help someone. This got over three hundred people together on a lazy Sunday morning to donate blood at the Fakhri Blood Donation Camp held in Bohra Layout, Gottigere.

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Royal Meenakshi Mall – 2 years on

Royal Meenakshi Mall

All in all, the mall is still awesome with its various stores, particularly Hypercity and Croma, its food outlets, both inside and outside the mall, and Cinepolis, of course.

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The 38th Cake Show in Bangalore

38th Annual Cake Show in Bangalore

I remember visiting the cake show every year when I was very small and then, the cakes were nothing short of impressive. Huge, accurate representations of monuments, buildings, were placed in air-cooled rooms surrounded by a slow moving queue.

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Planting Trees in Gottigere

Count Quickly! How many jokes have you heard on the infrastructure and the state of Bangalore city? How many of those jokes are about the “Garden City” now being called the “Garbage City” or the “Concrete Jungle”? How many times have you driven down that road where we suddenly notice just air where there once was a lush green tree? We all feel the pain of not finding a tree on the side of the road whose sight and shade we enjoyed for years.

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Royal Meenakshi Mall – Two months later…

Mall Atrium

The turning-point was when Cinepolis and McDonald’s opened up. It was now a crowded place, especially on weekends. Cinepolis did even better than I expected. They struck off the right balance of prices, timing and quality which served them well. According to their Facebook page, they served about 59,000 tickets in their first month.

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