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The 41st Annual Cake Show in Bangalore (2015)

It seems that the Annual Cake Show is a continuous crowd puller. As usual, it was held in St Joseph’s School Ground (near Mallya Hospital) and drew huge crowd to marvel at huge cakes as well as their detail. Photos are at the end of this post. This year, the cake show will run from 18th Dec, 2015 to 3rd Jan, 2016.

Cake Show

Unlike the previous years, we had much more time to walk through the cakes this time. We reached at a time when there was virtually no one else in the hall (except the people working there). We walked around at leisure taking photos. I doubt if it will be this empty in the coming days. In fact, a few minutes into it, there was a small flow of people trickling in.

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Another difference was that they had not gotten around to putting in the enclosures for the smaller cakes. They were actually building those enclosures when we reached there. The photos were much better compared to last years and the experience was a bit more fun as well.

It seems that it is not always Nilgiri’s who presents the cakes but this year it was Nilgiri’s. The cakes were somewhat better (except for the Avengers who just looked weird). There was a good selection this time (Avengers, Smurfs, etc…) The exhibition was mostly the same as usual. Most of the stalls were still being set up and there was much less crowd. We were out much earlier than last time.

The cake show is scheduled to go on until 3rd January, 2016. Check it out if you are in the area.

41st Annual Cake Show
St Joseph's School Ground, Vittal Mallya Rd,Ashok Nagar,Bangalore
Starting on
Ending on





5 responses to “The 41st Annual Cake Show in Bangalore (2015)”

  1. Arup Bhanja Avatar

    Thanks for this. What are the timings ? Is this open on Christmas day ?

    1. hussainweb Avatar

      I think it is open. There was no mention of it being closed or open on Christmas. I’m not sure of timings either but if you want to be safe 11 AM is a good bet.

  2. anil kumar Avatar
    anil kumar

    The cake show is very bad…
    The ticket cost is Rs.49 and there are hardly 20 cakes.
    And that too… the security doesn’t allow to walk slowly…
    Cake show round is finished in 5 mins…
    Then, you will be looped into stalls where advertisements, washing machines, food, tv, mobile, etc, etc…
    Overall there is nothing in the cake show…waste of time…
    I have enjoyed the UBCity instead beside that.
    Very nice decorations in UB city…

    1. hussainweb Avatar

      Yeah, the security gets rough on weekdays. It is not worth it then. It’s fun otherwise.
      Personally, I find something useful in the exhibition at times. Most of the time, I just walk straight, get a snack at the end and leave.

  3. Nandini Avatar

    The cake show is pathetic! Its nothing close as it was 15 yrs ago! Very much Money minded. They are only cheating us!
    Most of the models is not made from cake! That is why we see big thugs ushing us off before we realise ! Please do not go here, we need to ban such cheaters!
    Its more like business hub, with many stalls selling other things….nothing about the christmas cakes.

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