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The 41st Annual Cake Show in Bangalore (2015)

Welcome to Cake Fest 2015

Unlike the previous years, we had much more time to walk through the cakes this time. We reached at a time when there was virtually no one else in the hall (except the people working there). We walked around at leisure taking photos.

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The 40th Annual Cake Show in Bangalore (2014)

The cake show is now a commercial event with cakes only to attract people. You get barely 10 mins to walk through the area where all the cakes are displayed and bouncers would keep hovering around you to shuffle you along.

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The 39th Cake Show in Bangalore

The cakes are mostly only average. I noticed a small improvement in detail over last year’s cakes but still far from it’s original glory. I will let the photos do the talking.

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The 38th Cake Show in Bangalore

38th Annual Cake Show in Bangalore

I remember visiting the cake show every year when I was very small and then, the cakes were nothing short of impressive. Huge, accurate representations of monuments, buildings, were placed in air-cooled rooms surrounded by a slow moving queue.

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