Toxic Positivity by Whitney Goodman

Toxic Positivity by Whitney Goodman cover

The premise is this: when people are sharing problems, they are often looking for someone to just listen to them without judgment. Further, they are especially not looking for someone to just spout out platitudes. I have heard enough of them to make me stop sharing anything at all with family or friends. You know the type, and the book will give you enough examples to make you cringe.

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Recursion Book cover

Recursion is a fascinating and intense page-turner that combines my favourite topics in science and science-fiction–memories and time travel. Funnily enough, I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up this book. I recall hearing the title somewhere and when I found it at a library, I just picked it up. Until I read it, I thought this was a non-fiction book like other books on my reading list (mostly management/leadership related books).

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Set up lighting for better video calls and meetings

It’s been months since many of us have begun working from homes. Strangely, even though I have been working remotely for over seven years, I haven’t been working at home all that time. I am known to work from coffee shops, parks, malls, and strangest of places.

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Virtually separate, together in reality

Lamp (Fanoos)

A few months back when the current restrictions related to COVID-19 pandemic began, I doubted it will last until Ramadan began. Soon, it got clear that we are looking at social distancing being the norm for the near future. I was wondering what would Ramadan look like when stuck at home.

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Learning every week – 8th and 15-May-2020

We’re all socially distancing ourselves right now, which means I am spending almost all of my time at home right now. Moreover, I am working all nights right now and it has led to some weird midnight snacks. The photo that you see on this post is one of the less weird ones.

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Learning every week – 24-Apr and 1-May-2020

Mississauga Landscape

I might need to think of a new title to my blog post as I keep missing my weekly target. That’s going to be the case for at least another month as I figure out how to keep my schedule with work, home, and Ramadan activities. The length of days here is a lot more than I am used to. It’s not a problem but I do tend to get tired more often.

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Learning every week – 10th and 17-Apr-2020

Empty pathway with a cityscape in background

Staying at home all the time has, ironically, made it more difficult for me to get things done. On one hand, I am making time to do more of other things like cooking and video editing. But I am also finding less and less time to consume knowledge like I did before to actually share learnings.

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Learning every week – 3-Apr-2020

Empty parking lot

As the days get longer, the day seems to be longer than ever being stuck at home. But it’s essential and we need to do this to get through this together. With previous routines no longer possible, we must find new routines to make ourselves productive. My previous routine consisted of going to cafes to find that change of scene to help me work. I can’t do that now.

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Learning every week – 27-Mar-2020

Empty main street in peak hour

I normally work from home yet this seems strange to me. That’s because my usual schedule has me going to different cafes. I am also taking a break from work this week. This means that my day is spent on reading, experimenting, and learning new things. And movies and games too.

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Learning every week – 20-Mar-2020

Raspberry Pi 4 in case

Compared to what many people are going through while being away from home, my story is just boring. All I had to deal with was a delay of 3 hours or so at Toronto airport where our plane was asked to wait on the tarmac. I am fortunate to be back home just in time before many countries started to close their borders.

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