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The Great Suspender – Save your Memory

I used to run Ubuntu on my work laptop and while it was great at almost everything I routinely did at work, it was horrible at browsing. Even around 10 tabs coupled with Sublime Text and a couple of tabs in Firefox along with a few terminals and other small applications was enough to bring my system to it’s knees, and me begging for mercy.

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Raspberry Pi Media Center with Raspbmc (xbmc)

Raspberry Pi with case

I looked it up and to my delight, I found that Raspberry Pi was available in Bangalore. I roamed SP Road that day searching for this but found hardly anyone who had even heard about it.

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Dusty Computer Cabinet

Straight Shot into the cabinet

This particular cabinet came from a very busy and dusty area and that is why it turned so filthy in about a year. I just wanted to open it and check the connections when I saw it.

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Video Conversion for Nokia 5230 with StaxRip

Nokia 5230 video conversion

I recently bought an 8GB Transcend card and started looking at playing movies and videos on my 5230. I read the supported video formats on the official specifications page and other places but nothing really helped me here. I also tried the Nokia Ovi Suite to convert the video, and it might have been successful.

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A Month with Nokia 5230

Nokia 5230

I can’t believe it is a month since I started using two phones. I bought my new phone on May 24th from a small shop in Jayanagar after much waiting and debating. I finally decided on Nokia 5230.

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Buying a new monitor

Lightning Bolts

The path that I really want to take is actually the most expensive. I wanted to try out a dual-monitor setup since long but it never worked out. I guess this is my chance. I am thinking of buying a new monitor and getting this repaired. That way, I can try out a dual-monitor setup as long as my old monitor lives. Once it fails, I can properly evaluate if the dual-monitor setup actually improved my productivity and then buy a new one at that time.

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