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  • A Quick Look at Hypercity

    A Quick Look at Hypercity

    The store itself looks impressive. The top floor is just an average looking supermarket and it works quite well. The groceries section in the basement is nicely laid out. You have a freezer section for fresh meat and chicken. Just outside, you have ice creams and frozen snacks in deep freezers. This area also houses…

  • Cinepolis


    They still have some things to work out and I hope that they work on them soon. Until then, it is still the best place for video/audio quality, theater ambiance and comfort. I can live with these shortcomings for now as long as the quality, comfort and customer service are maintained. It makes for a…

  • Royal Meenakshi Mall – Look 2

    Royal Meenakshi Mall – Look 2

    I had a quick look to see what had changed since the last three days. Not a lot of stores are open yet but some have opened up since last Monday.

  • Royal Meenakshi Mall – First Look

    Royal Meenakshi Mall – First Look

    Today, I went to see the newest member of the ever increasing list of malls in the Bangalore city. After months and years of watching the building come up on my way, the mall was finally open to public on April 1st, 2011.

  • Rang De Basanti 2011 – Old Songs by Golden Greats

    Rang De Basanti 2011 – Old Songs by Golden Greats

    Old songs is something of a lost art now in Indian Cinema, or so it seems. When I heard these songs, they seemed very polished and sophisticated to me whereas most of songs coming out of Bollywood today are just screams and shouts. I knew this, of course but I experienced this live for the…

  • New Year Fog

    New Year Fog

    Driving on Bannerghatta Road is difficult in best of times. In fog, however, it takes on a whole new level. Anyway, the fog was cool and even though the chill was spreading through my bones, it was still a nice experience.

  • The Taj Mahal Hotel Cake

    The Taj Mahal Hotel Cake

    The photo is of a cake of Taj Mahal Hotel of Mumbai. The cake is 14ft in height and 20ft in length. It required about 5000 tonnes of sugar to make and over two months to complete. The cake, along with some others, is on display at the 36th Annual Cake Exhibition in Bangalore. Every…

  • Buying a new monitor

    Buying a new monitor

    The path that I really want to take is actually the most expensive. I wanted to try out a dual-monitor setup since long but it never worked out. I guess this is my chance. I am thinking of buying a new monitor and getting this repaired. That way, I can try out a dual-monitor setup…

  • Carlton Towers and Fire Safety

    I am sure the news about the fire in Carlton Towers has spread now. It happened yesterday (23rd Feb 2010 at around 5PM Indian time). According to reports I am reading, nine are dead and seventy were injured in the incident. Some jumped out of the windows in panic as the sixth and seventh floors…

  • Of Many Cuisines

    I just came back from Ragoo’s on KR Road where I had a coleslaw, salad, garlic bread, muglai tikka, pizza, pasta, noodles and rice. That makes it at least three distinct cuisines in one meal. I never thought of this until now, but man, our stomach is facing a definite globalization thing going on too.