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Grubshup, Aundh, Pune – Ideal for Gobbip

Chicken Tossed Salad

All in all, a great meal! I really enjoyed it and I wish I was with my wife who I know would have enjoyed it here. I will be back here when I am in Pune.

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Jalpaan – Italian Menu, Indian at heart

Masala Mafia

I have been hearing about Jalpaan since a long time. I had visited it a couple of years back for a friend’s treat and my memory is hazy on that experience. I just remember that I came out with an “above average” feeling then. I intended to give it a test again recently.

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Cafe Churchill, Colaba, Mumbai

Chicken Cordon Bleu

It is a smallish place with about 5-6 tables. It has a very casual atmosphere and a cozy setting, bordering on cramped. It was alright though. We looked at our options while waiting for the waiter, which took some time as there was apparently only one waiter working at the time and all the tables were full.

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5 Spice – A Must Visit in Mumbai

All in all, 5 Spice is a restaurant that would have got a 5 on 5 had it not been for the degrading service standards. I wish they pick up. For now, a 4 out of 5 is all I can give.

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The Great Suspender – Save your Memory

I used to run Ubuntu on my work laptop and while it was great at almost everything I routinely did at work, it was horrible at browsing. Even around 10 tabs coupled with Sublime Text and a couple of tabs in Firefox along with a few terminals and other small applications was enough to bring my system to it’s knees, and me begging for mercy.

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The Lunchbox Movie

With a minimum cast, The Lunchbox has been cooked to near perfection and leaves a great taste in your mouth. It flows out like a poem and is greatly helped by excellent performances.

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Flipkart – Delivery or Pick-up?

I would have more than understood if the camera was still in transit. But if the camera was already at the shipment location, and they can’t send it on priority, they should at least give an option to pick-up.

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Review: The Fresh Brew – Chronicles of Business and Freedom

After Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and Connect The Dots, it has become a trend for books containing stories of entrepreneurs, and I am okay with that. The stories are mostly interesting and almost always insightful. Even if the story is repetitive, there is always a take away, even if very small. But I need that book to be written well. The Fresh Brew, sadly, fails at this task.

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Chung Wah, Bannerghatta Road

Still, I have always enjoyed chopsueys, Sate Chickens, and Manchow Soup here. Yesterday, though, my experience was a little disheartening.

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Eastern Diner

Mexican Lamb

We had heard a lot of good things about Eastern Diner and had a lot of expectations when we walked in. We were not disappointed.

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