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  • Learning every week – 27-Dec-2019

    Learning every week – 27-Dec-2019

    Another week has gone and I am happy to continue to write here. My calendar-based organisation system is going well. At least, it’s better than I hoped. I am able to achieve closure on tasks and even gain some closure at the end of the day. Even if I don’t stick to my calendar schedule…

  • Learning every week – 20-Dec-2019

    Learning every week – 20-Dec-2019

    I have started organising my activities more strictly around the calendar, which means that my life just got a little boring, but a lot more organised. I can actually find that I can keep my sanity while doing the two dozen things that always seem to be on my mind. Occasionally, I slip up and…

  • Learning every week – 13-Dec-2019

    Learning every week – 13-Dec-2019

    Today, I am talking about gratitude, respect, empathy, compassion, marketing, recognition, matrix organisation, Manhattan, and how I passed the Ontario Driving License knowledge test.

  • Learning every week – 7-Dec-2019

    Learning every week – 7-Dec-2019

    I believe we keep learning all the time. It’s just that we forget what we have learnt. I learnt a while back that we forget 95% of things we learn but I am forgetting where. Which is why I started a while back writing down everything I learnt on a weekly basis. I did that…

  • Leadership Styles

    Leadership Styles

    I am reading a book called “Primal Leadership” and just completed the chapter on Leadership Repertoire. This chapter talks about four broad styles of leadership which are resonant in nature (and two more which are not resonant). Resonance here means that the people are in sync with the leader. Reading about these six styles, some…

  • 10 Years of Professional Life

    10 Years of Professional Life

    This year, on 25th June, I completed 10 years of my professional career. It has been quite a ride and I have written about it at least twice before. In my last post about this which was five years back, I wrote about a turn of events towards something entirely different. Today, I’m going to…

  • SodaBottleOpenerWala – Quaint name, standard food

    SodaBottleOpenerWala – Quaint name, standard food

    I had been hearing about SodaBottleOpenerWala since quite some time before I made it there. It is located on Lavelle Road which didn’t make it easy for me to plan a trip there soon. I finally made it here last month for lunch with a friend. We didn’t need reservations. I just called in to…

  • The Ruby Slipper Cafe

    The Ruby Slipper Cafe

    Go to The Ruby Slipper Cafe for a breakfast and prepare for a leisurely meal, because it will take time, and it will be worth it.

  • Café du Monde – The Place for Beignets

    Café du Monde – The Place for Beignets

    I wanted to go to Cafe Du Monde even before I knew I wanted to go to New Orleans. After watching New Orleans in movies like Chef, I had made up my mind to go here.

  • Morning Call – For Beignets

    Morning Call – For Beignets

    While reading reviews, Morning Call came up several times and I thought I would try if I could. It turned out that this is located in the City Park which I was visiting anyway and although it was a little tricky for me to find it, it was well worth it.

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