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Flipkart – Delivery or Pick-up?

I would have more than understood if the camera was still in transit. But if the camera was already at the shipment location, and they can’t send it on priority, they should at least give an option to pick-up.

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Royal Meenakshi Mall – 2 years on

Royal Meenakshi Mall

All in all, the mall is still awesome with its various stores, particularly Hypercity and Croma, its food outlets, both inside and outside the mall, and Cinepolis, of course.

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Royal Meenakshi Mall – Two months later…

Mall Atrium

The turning-point was when Cinepolis and McDonald’s opened up. It was now a crowded place, especially on weekends. Cinepolis did even better than I expected. They struck off the right balance of prices, timing and quality which served them well. According to their Facebook page, they served about 59,000 tickets in their first month.

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A Quick Look at Hypercity

Hypercity Banner

The store itself looks impressive. The top floor is just an average looking supermarket and it works quite well. The groceries section in the basement is nicely laid out. You have a freezer section for fresh meat and chicken. Just outside, you have ice creams and frozen snacks in deep freezers. This area also houses groceries, fruits and vegetables arranged in bazaar style.

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