Green Lantern

Green Lantern poster

Out of all the superhero movies released or releasing this year, I was looking forward to Green Lantern the most. It was not so much the movie that attracted me but the character of Green Lantern, which is my favourite of the justice league since my childhood. I had really hoped this movie to be one of the better ones we were going to have this year. I was sadly disappointed.

I don’t remember much of Green Lantern from my childhood but I know I liked him the best of all of the justice league. There were times, I remember, when I was upset when Green Lantern was underhanded in a fight. When I heard about the movie, I was very excited to see my favourite character on the big screen.

As it turned out, this Green Lantern movie is more of a origins movie. It shows a human being selected for Green Lantern Corps and his “coming to terms” with it. There wasn’t much of Green Lantern action at all. Even in the parts where there is action, it is mildly engaging and sparsely intense.

The movie was also a let-down in terms of performance. There are very few scenes where you feel part of the story and connected to the events. The fact that the CGI effects were hardly impressive didn’t help either.

Overall, the movie feels like a cartoon. With a better plot and better performance, you wouldn’t have a problem with the sparse action too. For instance, X-Men: First Class is an origins movie too and understandably has few action scenes. But what action it has, is impressive and engaging.

That said, the movie is mildly enjoyable. I had gone there with very low expectations and hence was not disappointed. I would give it a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars and hope for a better sequel.