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Thor (3D)

Thor is your regular superhero movie built according to recent standards. It is loaded with all the effects, jokes and fun that is typical of this genre in the past few years. What it lacks is a sophisticated storyline but that doesn’t mean you will get bored of it.

Thor successfully combines the fantastical realms of Asgard and Jotunheim along with the regular colours of plain old Earth. The blend of colours as well as language is good. The 3D effects, however, were not at all pronounced. Except for a few minutes, you could have watched this movie in 2D without having to worry about the glasses at all. This is not a big deal, however. The visuals are stunning and you do not miss the headache associated with the depth in 3D.

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Warning: This review contains a fair amount of spoilers.

The story pans out fairly straight forward. You get a strong, but arrogant boy favourite to be the king. You have his brother who is jealous. You also have the fall of the arrogant boy to allow the jealous one to cause some mischief. This has all the makings of a regular storyline which leaves little to surprise. Then again, you are not going to see this film for the story.

The story seems like a fairy tale. Once Thor corrects his mistakes and is ready, all the paths open up. This is about the only character development we see in the story. The only thing that is not like a fairy tale is the ending, which shows not a singing satisfied ending but a scene of hope for happiness.

This movie is worth a watch once for the effects and fun. If you are looking for a more dramatic storyline, you might want to look at others running right now. For the fun this movie is, I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.





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  1. Zoy Avatar

    Somtimes I wish I were in Bangalore…. Kind of miss the English movie part here..especially the 3Ds

    1.  Avatar

      Well, it is finally starting to look good in the coming weeks. You wouldn’t have seen much in the past few months anyway.

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