Zovi vs. Pepperfry – Who Is Going To Dominate The Fashion World Online?

Online shopping is gaining popularity with every sunrise and hence it becomes inevitable for the online sellers to exhibit their prowess every possible way. Gone are the days when people were highly traditional in their buying habits and their die-hard loyalty to select stores through out were taken for granted by the stores. Now, with the change in the purchasing style of people and their attitude towards purchasing, buyers cannot afford to assume anyone as their regular customer. With more and more online stores occupying the web space, it is purely the responsibility of the online businesses to ensure they stay connected with their customers. Come to think of the online competition, let us have a comparative study on Zovi and Pepperfry.

The Background of Zovi and Pepperfry

Zovi was launched in the year 2010 and its headquarters is in Bangalore. The site is all about apparels being an exclusive online store for apparels for men, women and kids. Its exclusive collections include dresses, designer wear, sportswear, swimwear, belts, footwear and other accessories.

Pepperfry is relatively new entrant to the online market, making its presence on web in the year 2012. The site offers a wide range of products including apparels, fashion accessories, jewellery, kitchen and home appliances and a lot more.

Selling fashion apparels and accessories are the common features of Zovi and Pepperfry. Yet another common feature is both Zovi and Pepperfry offer Zovi coupons and Pepperfry coupons to customers. Although, coupons by Zovi are much more appreciated as they are mostly store-wide coupons (discounts applicable on every item of store). While coupons by Pepperfry are mostly category-specific. By using these coupons, customers stand to enjoy great discounts on a wide range of products. In the fashion world, let us see who has made their presence felt.

Zovi Or Pepperfry – Who Spells Fashion?

While it may be improper to make an overall comparison of these two online stores as one deals exclusively in apparels and the other is an exclusive store for a wide range of products. Hence, the comparison is limited to the contribution of these two online stores to the fashion world. Zovi could be said to be a better player in comparison and there are some points to add weight to the claim.

  • The most important feature of Zovi is that it designs and manufactures the products it sells. Hence, you can expect innovative styles and more fresh and new designs from the minds of the creators in Zovi who constantly strive to exhibit their creative skills. As far as Pepperfry is concerned, you can find popular brands in the site for sale but they are available on almost every online retail store for fashion apparels. If a design is fresh and attractive, people over look the brand. Hence, Zovi outshines Pepperfry here.
  • The rates offered by Zovi are very competitive when compared to the rates offered by Pepperfry. It is because Zovi designs its products and sells it directly to customers. Hence, the expenses towards paying commission to intermediaries are not on the customers. Leading brands look for retail stores to sell their products before the particular fashion goes out of date and hence hike in prices charged by online stores like Pepperfry.
  • It is true that Pepperfry has a wide range of apparels when compared to Zovi. Being its own designer, Zovi may be limited on time to create and manufacture new designs and reproduce existing designs that go out of stock. There are times when Zovi does not have on stock some of its products while it may be a rare occurrence in Pepperfry. However, if the delay in availability of stock and design is compared with innovation in design and price, Zovi scores better.
  • Zovi seems to have the best packaging system in the field. Its products are beautifully packed and unfortunately, Pepperfry has not received favorable comments on its packing. Though you cannot judge a book by its cover, you can judge the service by the packaging.
  • As far as customer service is concerned, if one goes by the reviews, Zovi is a clear winner leading miles ahead in the race. Be it response to returns or offering unexpected surprises to customers, Zovi functions well and interacts better.

It might still be early to say that Zovi will always lead. Pepperfry has just made a beginning and it may be some time before it realizes what goes wrong and some more time before it gets back on the right track. But until then, it is Zovi on the fashion world.





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