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  • Learning every week – 7-Feb-2020

    Learning every week – 7-Feb-2020

    It’s winter! Well, it’s winter from quite some time but I actually felt it this week with regular snow and white roofs and roads. I hope you’re keeping warm and bundled in. I’ll get to my learnings this week.

  • Learning every week – 31-Jan-2020

    Learning every week – 31-Jan-2020

    January has ended and that means 8.47% year has gone. That also means 8.47% of the opportunities I had to learn this year have passed me. I hope I made fair use of that time but I am not going to dwell on that. I have the remaining 91.53% to look forward to now. In…

  • Learning every week – 24-Jan-2020

    Learning every week – 24-Jan-2020

    Over the last couple of weeks, many have reached out and said that they read these posts. I started writing these posts for myself and I don’t intend to change that. All the same, I am very happy that many find some value in my own learnings and journey. I keep saying that there is…

  • Learning every week – 17-Jan-2020

    Learning every week – 17-Jan-2020

    I’m now at a point where I don’t remember how many posts of this kind I have written so far, and that’s a good thing. It means I am sticking to my habit and I intend to keep doing that. This week was slower than the last week but I felt I was going into…

  • Learning every week – 10-Jan-2020

    Learning every week – 10-Jan-2020

    I am also very happy to keep sticking to my habit of being able to write this every Friday, or latest by Saturday. I write this for myself but over the last couple of weeks, many people have told me that they read this every week. I am deeply gratified and flattered that you find…

  • Learning every week – 3-Jan-2020

    Learning every week – 3-Jan-2020

    It’s 2020, and I am doing this with a fairly predictable schedule. In other words, this is becoming a habit of mine and I couldn’t be happier. But let me be careful and not invoke the curse of speaking-too-soon and knock some wood.

  • Learning every week – 27-Dec-2019

    Learning every week – 27-Dec-2019

    Another week has gone and I am happy to continue to write here. My calendar-based organisation system is going well. At least, it’s better than I hoped. I am able to achieve closure on tasks and even gain some closure at the end of the day. Even if I don’t stick to my calendar schedule…

  • Learning every week – 20-Dec-2019

    Learning every week – 20-Dec-2019

    I have started organising my activities more strictly around the calendar, which means that my life just got a little boring, but a lot more organised. I can actually find that I can keep my sanity while doing the two dozen things that always seem to be on my mind. Occasionally, I slip up and…

  • Learning every week – 13-Dec-2019

    Learning every week – 13-Dec-2019

    Today, I am talking about gratitude, respect, empathy, compassion, marketing, recognition, matrix organisation, Manhattan, and how I passed the Ontario Driving License knowledge test.

  • Learning every week – 7-Dec-2019

    Learning every week – 7-Dec-2019

    I believe we keep learning all the time. It’s just that we forget what we have learnt. I learnt a while back that we forget 95% of things we learn but I am forgetting where. Which is why I started a while back writing down everything I learnt on a weekly basis. I did that…