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Learning every week – 8th and 15-May-2020

We’re all socially distancing ourselves right now, which means I am spending almost all of my time at home right now. Moreover, I am working all nights right now and it has led to some weird midnight snacks. The photo that you see on this post is one of the less weird ones.

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Learning every week – 24-Apr and 1-May-2020

Mississauga Landscape

I might need to think of a new title to my blog post as I keep missing my weekly target. That’s going to be the case for at least another month as I figure out how to keep my schedule with work, home, and Ramadan activities. The length of days here is a lot more than I am used to. It’s not a problem but I do tend to get tired more often.

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Learning every week – 10th and 17-Apr-2020

Empty pathway with a cityscape in background

Staying at home all the time has, ironically, made it more difficult for me to get things done. On one hand, I am making time to do more of other things like cooking and video editing. But I am also finding less and less time to consume knowledge like I did before to actually share learnings.

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Learning every week – 3-Apr-2020

Empty parking lot

As the days get longer, the day seems to be longer than ever being stuck at home. But it’s essential and we need to do this to get through this together. With previous routines no longer possible, we must find new routines to make ourselves productive. My previous routine consisted of going to cafes to find that change of scene to help me work. I can’t do that now.

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Learning every week – 27-Mar-2020

Empty main street in peak hour

I normally work from home yet this seems strange to me. That’s because my usual schedule has me going to different cafes. I am also taking a break from work this week. This means that my day is spent on reading, experimenting, and learning new things. And movies and games too.

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Learning every week – 20-Mar-2020

Raspberry Pi 4 in case

Compared to what many people are going through while being away from home, my story is just boring. All I had to deal with was a delay of 3 hours or so at Toronto airport where our plane was asked to wait on the tarmac. I am fortunate to be back home just in time before many countries started to close their borders.

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Learning every week – 6th and 13-Mar-2020

Overlooking London through an airplane window

For the first time since I started, I missed a week. My travels and schedule caught up with me eventually. No matter, I’m here today and I hope to keep my last week’s miss what it was–an exception. Given my travels, I don’t have a lot to write about these days not because I didn’t learn much, but because I wasn’t as disciplined in documenting everything as I usually do. Learning then is not about how much you are exposed to information, but what you do with it.

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Learning every week – 28-Feb-2020


I’m still travelling and trying to take a break. The keyword is “trying”. Unless something else occupies me, I can’t seem to get work out of my head. And that’s what I need to keep learning to do–Fill my time with things that I want to do and make it easy for myself to do them.

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Learning every week – 21-Feb-2020

Sunrise in Goa

My post this week has been delayed for the first time since I started. I was at a company offsite meetings and retreat this whole week. My week was filled with meetings, presentations, huddles, and a lot of fun activities. I tweeted extensively about various things and maybe you saw some of them. As I sit in the airport food court waiting for my flight, I found some time to write about the week. But it has to be quick.

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Learning every week – 14-Feb-2020

Boeing 777-200 in silhoutte

It’s travel week, and it will be a travel week almost every week for the next month. I am writing this in a flight to Mumbai and will connect to Goa where we have Axelerant offsite and retreat over next week. Over my 6+ years at Axelerant, this will be my 5th retreat. Considering that we are an entirely distributed organisation, this retreat is one of the most important times of the year. I’m looking forward to learnings next week. Let’s get started for this week.

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