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  • Jalpaan – Italian Menu, Indian at heart

    Jalpaan – Italian Menu, Indian at heart

    I have been hearing about Jalpaan since a long time. I had visited it a couple of years back for a friend’s treat and my memory is hazy on that experience. I just remember that I came out with an “above average” feeling then. I intended to give it a test again recently.

  • Pizza Hut Chef’s Table

    Pizza Hut Chef’s Table

    The third season of Pizza Hut Chef’s Table was led by Pizza Hut’s Head Chef Arjyo Banerjee and Barilla’s Executive Chef Luca Ciano. It was a grand success, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

  • Of Many Cuisines

    I just came back from Ragoo’s on KR Road where I had a coleslaw, salad, garlic bread, muglai tikka, pizza, pasta, noodles and rice. That makes it at least three distinct cuisines in one meal. I never thought of this until now, but man, our stomach is facing a definite globalization thing going on too.