Long Time, No Write…

It is well over eight months since I last wrote here. A long time by blogging standards. I do not want to go in to the reasons here; suffice to say that such periods are common in everybody’s life when he has to set aside hobbies for a while to take care of pressing issues.

More importantly, it is quite difficult to resume writing. It may be as difficult as beginning to write and putting in the first line, that first word. In some ways, it can be even more difficult, as the first time can be a simple start whereas a resumption might be expected to be grand.

I am just excited to be able to write again and to share a part of my life and my thoughts with you, dear reader. Often, people write because they want to be read. Some people write just for themselves. Yet, some texts bring out nothing but a thought – no point. This blog post is just such a text and it’s sole purpose is to mark that to me – that I am back to blog.






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  1. Ananth Sonny Avatar
    Ananth Sonny

     Welcome back,was time since you got back to things you love :)

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