A Whole Long Time

Let me count… It is about fifty days since I last wrote here. I have missed writing new entries here. With one thing or the other, I have stayed extremely busy these days. I moved to a new house in the first week of August and stayed busy with home shopping for rest of the month.

It was not just shopping. We were also busy cleaning each inch of the house that was so filthily used by its previous tenants. These were a group of students who probably did not bother to clean the house regularly. As a result, the walls were dirty, the blades of every ceiling fan had a thick layer of dust and I don’t even want to start on the condition of the kitchen.

In fact, I was resisting renting this place due to this upkeep. But we were out of time and this was the most suitable place we found for its layout, location and cost. Further, we had a few friends living just one stair above and nothing is better than this. My wife was confident that we can make this place a good place to live.

I gave in and we made the deal in beginning of August. I asked the owner to repair and clean the house. He had the walls painted and only a bit of cleaning. We couldn’t wait around for him to come home and do a proper job and so we hired help and got the place decently clean. There were still a few sections such as ceiling fans and high ledges that stayed as dusty and I ended up cleaning that myself.

Next came the moving bit. We had to get our stuff from two different places which themselves are far apart. This was complicated due to the fact that we simply had a lot to move. I used to make two or three rounds in my car daily to move small stuff. We hired a small van to move some furniture and boxes. Soon, our new home was filled with boxes and we were left without any energy to sort them out. Eventually, things started falling in place.

We sorted out the stuff one room at a time. Meanwhile, we also needed electrical appliances and stuff. We bought a new refrigerator, microwave oven, food processor and a used washing machine. We then bought a whole set of myriad stuff that ended up as containers for food. Apart from this, we got sets of utensils and related stuff from our families.

After kitchen, we started on my favourite part – books. I had got a computer table made in my previous house that had an attached bookshelf. This whole unit was kept in my room. Now, I separated them keeping the bookshelf in the living room and the computer table in one of the other bedrooms. We set all the books in the shelf and it looked better than ever before.

Slowly, the house is shaping up to a comfortable home every day. There are still a few things to do to set everything in its proper place and I am usually fighting for time to do that, finish the pending work or just relax at the end of the day.

This was just my rant to break the long break of not posting. I hope to write more stuff soon.






4 responses to “A Whole Long Time”

  1. Piyush Avatar

    Still waiting for the pics of ur new place :P

    1. hussainweb Avatar

      I completely forgot about that. I will get my camera out and get some new pics asap.

  2. Husain Avatar

    I guess I was responsible for you running out of time on the old place!

  3. taher Avatar

    hmmmm…..upload he pics now…..!!!!

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