Box of Assorted Donuts

Donuts at Krispy Kreme

I used to hate donuts. Well, hate is a strong word; I was indifferent to them. All I had ever had were donuts from local small bakeries, which are just an excuse for a round piece of bread with whole in middle and some chocolate on top. For the longest time, I thought that is a donut and never bothered about it. That was until I received an invite to a blogger’s meet at Krispy Kreme one evening.

Honestly, I was looking forward more to the meetup than the donuts. I read the reviews and I knew that the donuts had to taste better than what you get at those small bakeries, but I was not that interested. I made my to Krispy Kreme there from my workplace. It is located on Church Street (near MG Road, entrance from Brigade Road) and after a journey of a couple of kilometers, I reached to find most of the gang already there.

It was great to see familiar faces and fun to make new acquaintances. After a brief catch-up and introductions, we received a box of dozen assorted donuts, courtesy of Krispy Kreme. Can you guess what happened next? Well, you probably can: Everybody had their cameras out and started clicking away at the box. I took a photo (or two) and grabbed straight at the chocolate glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles.

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It was a donut like I had never tasted before! A slightly crispy exterior with soft interior and covered with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles giving just the right amount of sweetness (I cannot really handle very sweet stuff). Along with a cup of coffee, it was the snack I always wanted. I never even wanted to go up in the first round of demo of the donut making machine.

Anyway, after I was done with the donut, I went ahead along with the group to get the explanation of how these donuts are made. The entire process was explained by our patient and pleasant guide (photo below). I will not repeat the entire process here, but there were some cool tidbits of information like:

  • 4 pounds (or KG’s) of flour make about 18 dozen donuts.
  • Donut rings are fried in vegetable oil for about 55 seconds on each side (shells for 60 seconds).
  • They spend about 2 mins on each section of the belt.
  • Their temperature drops from 185 degrees to 85 degrees to about 40 degrees to the end of the conveyor belt where they are picked up and carried away for processing.
  • They are picked up from middle of the belt (at around 85 degrees) for customers who request hot donuts.
  • From flour to processed donut – the process takes 4-5 hours. To prepare for the start of the day, the process starts at 3AM.
  • The machine seen in photos below has a capacity of about 270 dozens per hour.

I also took a freshly glazed donut and added my own toppings (photos below). It was good, if I may say so myself.

It was a great end to a great day (more on that later). I took back a box of dozen assorted donuts for home which lasted over 2 days, refrigerated (and was still good to taste). Visiting Krispy Kreme really changed my outlook on donuts. I will be there for more very soon. By the way, here’s a map for those of you planning to visit there.

Finally, on to some photos…






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