New Year Fog

Welcome to the new year. As the very first post in 2011, here are some of the photos I took early today (around 7 AM) on and around Bannerghatta Road.

The fog was extremely thick and I could hardly see anything. It was even worse at 6 AM when, coupled with darkness, fog made it difficult to see even the road. Added to this were the missing street-lights in some of the places.

This was a busy road where trucks, buses and other large vehicles move in full speed without any regard of anybody else. It can be called a highway except in the area where I was travelling, it is just a 2-lane road without any divider. That doesn’t stop huge vehicles like 12 to 20 wheeler trucks going on it. Large vehicles usually follow the rules and stick on their side but smaller trucks and lorries drive at full speed on the opposite lane and modest bike riders like me have to go off-road to avoid a collision.

Driving on Bannerghatta Road is difficult in best of times. In fog, however, it takes on a whole new level. Anyway, the fog was cool and even though the chill was spreading through my bones, it was still a nice experience.






4 responses to “New Year Fog”

  1. Must 52 Avatar
    Must 52

    Gottigere Looks Very Posh !! :))

    1.  Avatar

      It’s all in the photographer’s hands. :)

  2. Sumanth053 Avatar

    Wow Husain! Very nice. The last one looks very much like the setup/view in Assassins Creed!

    1.  Avatar

      Really? I pass by that scene every day.

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