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  • Moon Close-up

    Moon Close-up

    Today, I have for you glorious photos of our nearest celestial neighbour: The Moon. The photos are very old. I took them through my telescope while star-gazing a couple of years back. I didn’t have a nice D-SLR camera to mount up to my telescope (nor do I have now), so I held the camera…

  • Healthy (Strong) Eggs

    Healthy (Strong) Eggs

    We see the strangest things on roads. Admittedly, this is not as strange but it is worth considering the risk this guy is taking in seating himself on the pile of eggs; that too on the bumpy ride on Bannerghatta Road.

  • Dusty Computer Cabinet

    Dusty Computer Cabinet

    This particular cabinet came from a very busy and dusty area and that is why it turned so filthy in about a year. I just wanted to open it and check the connections when I saw it.

  • Spider and its Web

    Spider and its Web

    Once I was walking by in a passage of a building and found this spider and its intricate web. I immediately got my camera and started taking photos. You can see some of them in the gallery below. I tried to get the web too but it was very difficult, mainly because of the sky…

  • New Year Fog

    New Year Fog

    Driving on Bannerghatta Road is difficult in best of times. In fog, however, it takes on a whole new level. Anyway, the fog was cool and even though the chill was spreading through my bones, it was still a nice experience.

  • The Taj Mahal Hotel Cake

    The Taj Mahal Hotel Cake

    The photo is of a cake of Taj Mahal Hotel of Mumbai. The cake is 14ft in height and 20ft in length. It required about 5000 tonnes of sugar to make and over two months to complete. The cake, along with some others, is on display at the 36th Annual Cake Exhibition in Bangalore. Every…