Straight Shot into the cabinet

Dusty Computer Cabinet

This photo shows what happens when you don’t clean your computer cabinet for a long time. This particular cabinet came from a very busy and dusty area and that is why it turned so filthy in about a year. I just wanted to open it and check the connections when I saw it. I took my camera and took photos and sent them straight to the owner of the computer system. He was very much amused…

The computer had become sluggish and crashed often. Of course, the photo tells a lot about why the system froze up so often. It just goes to show why it is important to keep a clean motherboard.

Not cleaned from ages
The result of keeping a computer on S.P. road

Another photo…

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  2. mash tailor Avatar
    mash tailor

    We must clean our PC otherwise our PC looks like these photos. thanks

  3. comprock Avatar

    How’d you clean it?

    1. hussainweb Avatar

      Vacuum Cleaner, blower… And after that, individual cleaning of each component using a brush. I had got different sized paint brushes for this.

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