The Actual Start

Hi all,
I am very excited to post this first second entry to my blog. Its almost shameful for me to admit that I wrote the first post back on May 8th, 2009 but I have been drowned in work and different schedules. Until recently, I was planning to write a CMS for this blog. The plan stayed with me for over a year before finally I decided to start with WordPress. Until very recently, I was going to design my own theme for this. Then, I decided I will at least start the blog with a free theme and then start deciding the one I want.
There is a lot of work left to do on this blog. You will see things moving in, out and around on this site. I hope to make this site the one I want quickly. My schedule is still no different than the one back in May of 2009 but I have started it now; and I guess that makes all the difference.






6 responses to “The Actual Start”

  1. hussainweb Avatar

    Oh, and I forgot. Please keep the suggestions coming in.

  2. Piyush Avatar

    Finally u r here :) Few comment..
    1. Page number or article number "1" looks really cool!.
    2. Googler thing and the FShare above the article somehow takes the shine out of your post! Fshare is still ok as it is a small icon on the right.

  3. Piyush Avatar

    One more does not allow the names to be 2 letter word :) I tried with Pk and gave me a message to write a name bigger than 3 char :) Not sure if you can do something about it..hehehe!

  4. Zoy Avatar

    Hi Husain,
    I liked the tag line of yours… :)

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