The Actual Start

Hi all,
I am very excited to post this first second entry to my blog. Its almost shameful for me to admit that I wrote the first post back on May 8th, 2009 but I have been drowned in work and different schedules. Until recently, I was planning to write a CMS for this blog. The plan stayed with me for over a year before finally I decided to start with WordPress. Until very recently, I was going to design my own theme for this. Then, I decided I will at least start the blog with a free theme and then start deciding the one I want.
There is a lot of work left to do on this blog. You will see things moving in, out and around on this site. I hope to make this site the one I want quickly. My schedule is still no different than the one back in May of 2009 but I have started it now; and I guess that makes all the difference.