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  • The Ruby Slipper Cafe

    The Ruby Slipper Cafe

    Go to The Ruby Slipper Cafe for a breakfast and prepare for a leisurely meal, because it will take time, and it will be worth it.

  • Bootstrap at Breakfast – 13

    Bootstrap at Breakfast – 13

    We started with discussions on pricing in outsourcing services. As is evident, it is broadly grouped under hourly cost or fixed cost basis. While scoping documentation is important in both cases, it is especially so for a fixed cost project. Another related aspect is competing on prices and attracting clients.

  • Bootstrap at Breakfast – 12 (my first)

    Bootstrap at Breakfast – 12 (my first)

    We got around two large tables and started with introductions. Considering there were about 35 people, introductions took a fair bit of time – and it was worth it. Each story was different from the previous and provided a different angle, a different view or a new possibility – be it knowledge of pain points…