Spider and its Web

Its the first Monday of the year and I have another photo (or set of photos) for you. Now, I am not really fond of insects but I am really fond of macro photography. Whenever I notice a particular insect that can be photographed, I go for my camera and take shots.

Once I was walking by in a passage of a building and found this spider and its intricate web. I immediately got my camera and started taking photos. You can see some of them in the gallery below. I tried to get the web too but it was very difficult, mainly because of the sky behind. Nevertheless, you can still see the web in the photos in some areas.

Particularly, see the odd zig-zag formation on the web near the spider’s lower left legs in the first photograph. I don’t know what the spider was going for there. Also, in the full resolution, you can see kind of hairs on the spider’s legs (known as Scopulae, I think).