Ever since through the window
I last looked at you
My heart bleeds solemn words
Speech can never tell;
Song can’t sing nor tear cry
Nor touch express nor thought fly.

I know I will look at you
Ere three days are over
But they aren’t three days, nay
Three lives I have to wait
For without your smiling face
Lifeless, I always am.

– hussainweb

I wrote a poem completely unplanned and after a very long time. I just got in a bus to the train station and felt like writing it. It might not be perfect but it says close to what I want to say and I am happy for it.

  • Pk

    I really liked it!!

    • Anonymous


  • Prasad


  • Tsezzy

    my goodness ,,,, from where did u learn this english?? Shakespeare? …awesome!!!

  • Zoy

    That was great Husain… makes you re-read to actually… :)

  • Shabbir Goga

    Type your comment here. Its really good !! to express your inner thouths

  • Sumanth053

    Very nice Husain!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you all for your comments. I didn’t imagine I would get this kind of response. It was all impromptu.