Nothing is as simple as…

Nothing is as simple as we hope it will be.Jim Horning

Another Tuesday has passed and I could only get around to posting this quote now (when it is already Wednesday where I stay). I try to stick to the schedule for this but like the quote above says, it is not that simple, especially for simple things because they are always pushed aside for more critical or complex things.

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That is what happened today. I had some time in afternoon before we had to leave for the hospital. Considering the business involved, I was much too tensed to post anything then. In any case, I was told that we would be back by evening and I set a mental note to post a quote then. But things got delayed. We couldn’t leave on the set time and consequently we couldn’t be back. In fact, I got back almost at midnight.

This brings me back to the point. Nothing is as simple as we hope it to be. Not even something as simple as posting a blog entry. I wrote more about it in my review for The Checklist Manifesto. Though the book focuses more on complex tasks and how to solve them, the principle applies to simple tasks too. After all, the complexity or simplicity of any task is highly subjective. What may be the simplest thing for you might be something very complex for most other people (and vice-versa, of course).

Like any line worth quoting, there is a lot more that can be said here; however, I will have to leave it here for now. Maybe we will come back to this topic in a future post.





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  1. Husain Bengali Avatar
    Husain Bengali

    Nothing as simple? Nothing as complicated either!

    1.  Avatar

      You mean you hope things to be complicated.

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