If you are going through hell, keep going…

If you are going through hell, keep going…Winston Churchill

I found this quote while scrolling through my list of favourite quotes to pick up the quote for today’s Quotation Tuesday post. I needed to hear something like this today and this week. I have been going through a tough time personally and it is things like this that affirms to me to keep going.

The beauty here, in my opinion, is the play on the word “going”. The repeated word makes it straight-forward that you don’t have to put a lot more effort to keep going onwards since you are going anyway. The only problem would be you. More often than not, people back out of an undesirable situation inches before it is going to get better. I know that these days I am tempted to throw it all out and just quit. I know that that wouldn’t be logical or useful at all. It is something I just want to do.

There is another proverb which says this: It is always darkest before dawn. You just have to bear the deepest darkness a while before it fades out. It is the same here: Keep going; you are sure to be clear of hell in no time.

That is the thing about succinctness. A short sentence is more likely to hit you more powerfully than a big book of quotations. I made this one up just now. I should write this down in my collection of quotes. It will be useful whenever I get famous and someone comes looking for a list of my quotes. :)





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