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A Beast out of control

Yes, it seems amazing to equate power of speech with super-human powers. But maybe we should, if that is what it takes for men and women to realize the power of this beast inside their own head to hurt and to heal.

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Writing 750 words a day

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Finally, today, I decided to try out this service called 750 words. It basically encourages you to write 750 words everyday. The point is that writing regularly would release that (writer’s) block and help us get into habit of writing everyday.
I am trying it out and it looks good so far. I am using this first entry to write what I think about the service itself.

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My Cousin Brother’s Essay

Hi all,

My cousin brother (aged 11) got a school assignment to write an essay on Mahatma Gandhi. As usual, he opened up Wikipedia to read about him but was confused with the huge article. To help him along, my wife collected a few points and gave it to him. Taking it up, he replaced all bullets with conjunctions and got this result:

Mahatma Gandhi’s Name is Mohandas Kramchand Gandhi. He was born in 2 October 1869. He [was dead] in 30 January 1948 (aged 78) in New Delhi, cause of death was assassination. He Rested Rajghat in New Delhi. His nationality was Indian. His other names Mahatma Gandhi and Bapu, his Almamater was university college london and university of london. He is known as prominent figure of Indian independence movement propounding the philosophy of satyagraha and Ahimsa. His religious beliefs was Hinduism. His spouse(s) Kasturba Gandhi, his children were Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas, Devdas, his parents were Putlibai Gandhi (mother) Karamchand Gandhi (father).

I have changed some grammar above mainly for clarity. My purpose in sharing the above is to share the tears of laughter while rolling on the floor. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are more than common in a 11 year old and that is not highlighted here. I am sharing this hoping you all take it in a spirit of enjoying the innocence.