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A Beast out of control

Yes, it seems amazing to equate power of speech with super-human powers. But maybe we should, if that is what it takes for men and women to realize the power of this beast inside their own head to hurt and to heal.

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Regret for things we did can be tempered…

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.Sidney J Harris

We all think that we would or we should do something and then back out on the last moment. It could be something as simple as not going for a walk or as huge as telling someone how much you love them.

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We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to…

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.– Frank Tibolt

There, I talk about beginning any task you can do or dream about. We see that just dreaming about doing something isn’t going to get you anywhere. You have to begin it. Similarly, inspiration does not do anything in itself. Action does.

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Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?

Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?Henry Ward Beecher

Where do you think your control is at its weakest? Is it an ice-cream parlor, gift shop, fast-food joint or the bookshop again?

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To be content with little is hard…

To be content with little is hard; to be content with much, impossible.Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Haven’t you noticed a person with a low-end or mid-end mobile phone is usually satisfied and is content for months or even years; however, someone with a high-end phone is constantly switching phones. Similarly, someone living in a small apartment is content with the second floor flat and its limited balconies but someone in a bungalow always wants a bigger garden or a second garage. You can see it everywhere clearly once you start looking.

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The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase…

The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you’ll never find it.C.P. Snow

It might as well be that Chris Gardner was finally happy with the job and founding of his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm; however, stories like these are a rarity. It needs a person who knows what he wants and can concentrate on his goal without being side-tracked into other pursuits. Next, when he reaches where he wanted to be, he knows that he has to live in the moment and start to concentrate on things that are essential to his happiness (family, friends, etc…)

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Ask yourself whether you are happy…

Ask yourself whether you are happy and you cease to be so.John Stuart Mill

Wikipedia defines happiness as “a state of mind or feeling characterised by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure or joy.” Each of these concepts is hard to measure or quantify to provide a meaningful quantity to happiness. Consequently, when one asks whether he is happy, he finds it difficult to quantify these concepts to present as answer.

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If you are going through hell, keep going…

If you are going through hell, keep going…Winston Churchill

The beauty here, in my opinion, is the play on the word “going”. The repeated word makes it straight-forward that you don’t have to put a lot more effort to keep going onwards since you are going anyway. The only problem would be you. More often than not, people back out of an undesirable situation inches before it is going to get better. I know that these days I am tempted to throw it all out and just quit. I know that that wouldn’t be logical or useful at all. It is something I just want to do.

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Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it…

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The operating word here is not doing or dreaming; it is beginning. In fact, it is equated implicitly with boldness. Most men who count themselves successful by any measure are so not because they thought or dreamt. It was because they did.

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Quotation Tuesday

I have not been doing this since long because I wanted to do it through a personal project I am building (or going to build). I have been too busy to work on that and consequentially, this never started. I now realize that even though it would still take some time but I should start this anyway. Maybe this will give me more ideas or some kind of motivation to work on that

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