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  • Learning every week – 3-Apr-2020

    Learning every week – 3-Apr-2020

    As the days get longer, the day seems to be longer than ever being stuck at home. But it’s essential and we need to do this to get through this together. With previous routines no longer possible, we must find new routines to make ourselves productive. My previous routine consisted of going to cafes to…

  • Learning every week – 27-Mar-2020

    Learning every week – 27-Mar-2020

    I normally work from home yet this seems strange to me. That’s because my usual schedule has me going to different cafes. I am also taking a break from work this week. This means that my day is spent on reading, experimenting, and learning new things. And movies and games too.

  • Learning every week – 6th and 13-Mar-2020

    Learning every week – 6th and 13-Mar-2020

    For the first time since I started, I missed a week. My travels and schedule caught up with me eventually. No matter, I’m here today and I hope to keep my last week’s miss what it was–an exception. Given my travels, I don’t have a lot to write about these days not because I didn’t…

  • Learning every week – 31-Jan-2020

    Learning every week – 31-Jan-2020

    January has ended and that means 8.47% year has gone. That also means 8.47% of the opportunities I had to learn this year have passed me. I hope I made fair use of that time but I am not going to dwell on that. I have the remaining 91.53% to look forward to now. In…

  • Learning every week – 24-Jan-2020

    Learning every week – 24-Jan-2020

    Over the last couple of weeks, many have reached out and said that they read these posts. I started writing these posts for myself and I don’t intend to change that. All the same, I am very happy that many find some value in my own learnings and journey. I keep saying that there is…