Moving On

Hi all,
If posting the first two posts was difficult for me, it was nothing to the block I am facing now. I keep thinking about what I should write for the next blog entry but then I think if that topic is good enough for the actual actual start of my blog and then I leave it. Of course, work catches up a few moments later and then the post never sees light of the day (or dark of the night).
I have decided to change this: I will start posting whatever comes to my mind even if it might make me look foolish when people read it. Moreover, I have setup a timetable in my diary on how frequently I will be posting about various topics. I will polish that timetable and put it up here soon. Also, I will be buying myself a 2010 diary and fill the pages with the category of my writing and if possible, even the subject of that particular day. I hope I can live up to that schedule.
Next, I have started planning for a new theme. When I set this theme up, I actually sort of liked it. Now, I went through modern design trends and I do not exactly like this theme anymore and after seeing the various designs, I am confused as to what exactly I want. I will settle down with that though and come up with a design as soon as I can. There is a lot of work piled up on my plate so I am not exactly sure when that will happen. In any case, please let the suggestions come. I know I haven’t yet replied to earlier comments and suggestions and I am truly sorry about it. I will make sure this doesn’t happen.