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Learning every week – 7-Dec-2019

I believe we keep learning all the time. It’s just that we forget what we have learnt. I learnt a while back that we forget 95% of things we learn but I am forgetting where. Which is why I started a while back writing down everything I learnt on a weekly basis. I did that in a spreadsheet and now I think it is time I wrote more regularly and in a more elaborate manner.

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Reviewing 2015

2015 is easily one of my highlights for years to come. I am looking forward to many more eventful and memorable years but at this moment, it looks like it will be difficult to beat this one.

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Two Years of Joy, Happiness, and Growth

Hussain presenting a session

Today, I complete two years at Axelerant. TL;DR, it has been an awesome journey. Actually, that is quite an understatement as it does not fully describe the change in my professional growth during my time here. Apart from many things, I reflect that this is the longest time yet I have worked in an organization (not counting freelancing, obviously.) You can see why it is a special feeling for me to be here.

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That Fateful Day

I had no idea, none at all, that I would hear the news that my lips still shudders to utter and my fingers tremble to type.

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A Rant on Customer Service in Social Media age

Customer Service and Social Media

I want to speak about some shining examples in customer service stories in my experience, and some not-so-shining ones.

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A Beast out of control

Yes, it seems amazing to equate power of speech with super-human powers. But maybe we should, if that is what it takes for men and women to realize the power of this beast inside their own head to hurt and to heal.

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Steve Jobs Passes Away

I have read many tributes to him and how he has changed the world with technology, with design and with story-telling. It is hard for me to digest that. I have never really cared about Apple products and though I think movies by Pixar are great, I didn’t think that because they were made by Pixar or associated to Steve Jobs.

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I wrote a poem completely unplanned and after a very long time. I just got in a bus to the train station and felt like writing it. It might not be perfect but it says close to what I want to say and I am happy for it.

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Writing 750 words a day

Screenshot of

Finally, today, I decided to try out this service called 750 words. It basically encourages you to write 750 words everyday. The point is that writing regularly would release that (writer’s) block and help us get into habit of writing everyday.
I am trying it out and it looks good so far. I am using this first entry to write what I think about the service itself.

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